Keywords used to reign supreme with regards to SEO, and whilst they are still a fundamental SEO strategy there are other things that businesses should also consider. Content marketing is a vital part of inbound marketing, where the goal is to move your potential customer to where you want them to go by giving them valuable and compelling content. 

​Your website's content should be relevant to what your site is about and your content should be engaging and grab the user's attention straight away. Engaging content for your website also reduced a high bounce rate (people only looking at one page on your website and then leaving). Stay ahead of your competitors by rethinking how content should be created to improve your SEO. Well written relevant content is what search engines like Google and Bing seek. Content is King!

​There is little doubt that selecting the right keywords and topics is vital to connecting with your customers and giving them value, but the dynamics have shifted. Let's take a closer look at how content will improve your SEO.

Content Builds Brand Trust
When you regularly post relevant and informative content, you will gain the trust of your customers. They are more likely to return if they know you are an authority on the services or goods you provide. By giving them helpful content that can improve their daily lives, you build brand trust and long-term brand loyalty. 

In Conclusion
If you want to improve both your SEO efforts and customer experience, good, relevant, regular content is what your website needs.

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