We often talk to potential clients who are unsure how well their website is performing for their business. We are astonished that in some instances they are on a monthly retainer for either website support, digital marketing or paid for advertising, and yet they are in the dark where their leads are coming from. If you can relate to this, help is at hand.

If your website is being maintained by a reputable website provider, you should be receiving a monthly report that provides you with analytics about how your website has performed the previous month.

The top line numbers...

These are some of the common metrics that you should be provided with:

  • Number of visitors to your website
  • Number of page views to your website
  • A list of the most popular pages on your website
  • How traffic was referred to your site
  • Which devices people are finding your website on
  • How well your website is being found via particular keyword phrases

These metrics will help you see visitor patterns and the areas of your business that are getting noticed. You will also be able to spot pages that aren't performing as well. If you would like these pages to work harder for your business, they will need additional attention.

Do you manage your own website?

If you're a business owner who manages their website, do you regularly check your analytics? By this, we mean monthly, not once or twice a year! In many instances, the platform upon which your website is built will provide you with key information. However, we always recommend that you set up Google Analytics for more information, beyond the top line figures.

Performance metrics don't just apply to your website, you should also be monitoring your online profiles such as Google My Business, your social media marketing campaigns, PPC marketing and all other areas in which you are investing your money.

Do not dispair, help is at hand

Whether you need help understanding the performance metrics of your website or feel ready to get the ball rolling with having the extra support, we can help demystify the stats. Get in touch with Perfect Layout Digital Marketing, call 01708 578 015.