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Networking is an important element of developing your business, whether you are looking for suppliers / partners or trying to expand your customer base. Read our ‘9 reasons why you should network’ below.

Why should you spend time networking?

Investing your time in building and developing long-term relationships won’t necessarily translate into immediate profits, but it is the start of building strong connections and can provide other additional benefits in the medium to long term.

Here are our 9 reasons how networking can be beneficial for your business:

Getting out there and introducing yourself regularly soon teaches you the best way to get your message across. At first it can be hard (maybe even nerve-wracking) but practice and familiarity soon makes it feel like second nature. If you’re just starting out, it is worth spending time writing out a couple of paragraphs about your business and repeating it in different ways. This will help you sound natural and confident when it comes to speaking for real in front of a new group of networking potentials.

This is the crux of why people network. The more people you are able to pass your business message onto, the more recommendations you will get. Successful businesses are built on referrals.

As a business owner you will need a wealth of suppliers to run the various aspects of your business, such as: accountants, IT support, insurance brokers etc. At networking events you will come across these types of professionals, and many others. Finding suppliers that network provides opportunities for two-way business. Even if you don’t directly get business from them, you don’t know who they know...

Six degrees of separation - anything is possible. Everyone wants to meet someone. As a general rule, there are never more than six people between you and the person you want to talk to. Networking is a way to access otherwise inaccessible people.

Networking groups are full of people with lots of business experiences who are often very willing to share their knowledge. Successful business people are usually generous with offering advice to people that are eager to learn and open to listening. So don't be shy, ask that question that's been bothering you and get an answer that's based on real life experience.

Networking events will often have presentations. These specialists will offer you their expertise and help you perhaps think differently. Maybe you will find new ideas to reach potential clients or realise that there are alternative target markets that were not on your radar. People you meet at networking events may identify new market opportunities you hadn't thought of before and open the door to new partnerships being forged.

Talking to others and asking questions about how they run their business – even if it’s a different business to yours – may inspire you to adapt those ideas, processes and innovations into your own business.

Business owners share a common energy and drive to want to succeed. Business people, who have the same challenges as you do, are often willing to share their experiences and offer solutions – this is when two heads are better than one.

Although your primary focus is building business contacts, networking can also create new friendships. When you share your ideas and your enthusiasm for your business with like-minded people, they are going to connect with you. Strong friendships, combined with strong business connections, can be a powerful way to build your overall network.

What are you waiting for? If you would like to broaden your network in a relaxed, friendly and fun environment come and join us at one of our upcoming events.